Taking the Senaptec Strobe to the next level, the Senaptec Quad Strobe eyewear has lenses divided into four segments. This allows you to activate each region independently and customize the occluding patterns desired, an incredible breakthrough that further enhances strobe eyewear capability and use. This technology is ideal for elite athletic training, rehabilitation and preventative health to build brain health and ultimately aid human performance. As the Senaptec Quad Strobe eyewear can be integrated and customized into existing training drills and exercises, they reign as our most versatile technology to date.


For Health
The standard practice in physical rehabilitation is to apply controlled stress to the joint or muscle that needs healing. The body responds to this controlled stress by rebuilding the area of focus. The same is true with the brain. The Senaptec Quad Strobe applies controlled stress to the area of the visual pathway that needs healing, making it a unique and highly effective treatment.

Each lens of the Senaptec Quad Strobe is segmented into quadrants, with the center intersection aligned with the pupil at primary gaze. The opacity and clear state of each region can be independently customized to the occluding spatial and temporal patterns desired. By customizing this pattern, a practitioner can select which visual pathways to the brain information is allowed to travel, thereby activating certain parts of the visual cortex and not others. For example, a patient with hemianopia would utilize the Quad Strobe with lateral or medial sides occluded.

The Senaptec Quad Strobe eyewear also induces sensory re-weighting by limiting your complete vision - both central and peripheral vision. Limiting peripheral vision limits spatial reference to the visual world, which causes the wearer to be more dependent on somatosensory information to maintain postural control.

Liquid Crystal Lens Technology

Allows each lens to flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information forcing the individual to process visual stimuli more efficiently.

Adjustable Lens Settings

Two buttons system and OLED display, shows battery status and lens modes. This allows for easy to adjust strobe rate and pattern settings. The settings can also be controlled remotely with the Senaptec Strobe App.

Free Senaptec Strobe App for Remote Control

The eyewear settings can be controlled and customized remotely with your smartphone via Bluetooth pairing, compatible with Android and iOS. This includes opening and closing the lens(es) on command using the app. Example drills are included in the app for various sports.

Case and Accessories Included

A patented technology that Allows each lens to strobe between clear and opaque either individually or in unison, removing visual information forcing the individual to process visual stimuli more efficiently.

Product Details

Liquid Crystal Lens Technology

A patented technology that allows each lens to strobe between clear and opaque, removing visual information forcing the individual to process visual stimuli more efficiently.

Adjustable Lens Settings

Two-button system and OLED display, show level, mode and battery status allows for easy-to-adjust modes and difficulty levels.

Free Senaptec Strobe App for Remote Control

The eyewear can be customized and controlled by our Senaptec Strobe app installed on your own smartphone via Bluetooth pairing compatible with Android and IOS. Example drills included in the mobile Senaptec Strobe App for various sports.

Strobe Pattern Settings

Mode A is the standard mode which is great for all around training and therapy.

‍Mode B is designed to block the central vision, focusing your brain on peripheral vision, which is particularly important in this day with everyone so focused on small screens and ignoring their peripheral vision.

‍Mode C Lenses alternating clear and opaque between left and right eye. This puts your eyes out of phase, taking away binocular depth perception, which forces the brain to build strength in other cues for depth.

‍Mode D and E will block left and right vision, which can be applied to people who have hemianopsia. Also good for training one side of your visual field.

‍Mode F and G block lower and upper vision. Blocking lower is great for ball handling drills and blocking upper is good for folks who need to work on getting their head up for posture and balance control.

‍Modes H, I, J, K will each block one quadrant, which allows focusing the training and therapy on that portion.

All modes are customizable and people can make their own unique settings.

‍Strobe Rate Settings 

There are 8 strobe rate settings, the slower the lens(es) strobe, the more difficult the task. We recommend you start on level 1 and work your way up as drills/exercises become easier to complete. 

Strobe rates 1 through 5 are for dynamic exercises, such as catching a ball.

Strobe rates 3 through 8 are for balance and proprioceptive exercises. 


Durable elastic strap to keep eyewear tight on head during movement.


Built-in rechargeable battery with standard USB charger.

Up to 5 hours battery time.

What’s included:

Strobe eyewear with adjustable elastic strap

Temple arms and straps

Extra nose piece

Cleaning cloth

Standard USB charger

Soft shell carrying case

User manual and quick start guide

One year manufacturer’s defect warranty

Senaptec Strobe App for remote control