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HECOstix x Senaptec Strobe Bundle


One (1) Pair Of Senaptec Strobes

Two (2) HECOstix of your choice color

The Senaptec Strobe training eyewear is designed to help you process vision faster and more efficiently. This provides a unique edge for athletes to perform at a higher level more consistently and with better decision making. Most athletes notice improvement after one 15-minute session. As the lenses flicker on and off, it is harder to process information, which helps the brain focus on visual tasks. The resulting heightened vision capability can improve one’s eye-hand coordination, movement, balance, and reaction time.

Strobe Training Can Improve:

Focus - Keeping the eyes on the ball through completion of a task
Timing - Accurate and precise reaction timing
Visualization - Tracking of objects in the mind’s eye
Quickness - Quick and accurate execution of a movement
Peripheral Vision - Awareness of your surroundings
Balance - Ability to keep your body in a stable position


What Are HECOstix? Each leg is colored in a fashion that allows participants to call a color or hand combination and then throw the HECOstix to the receiver. The person receiving must process the information while the HECOstix are in the air and catch the corresponding color or hand combination called. 

• Certified Non Toxic
• EVA Foam Construction
• Weighs 5 oz.
• Waterproof
• Used Solo or in Group Settings

Free Senaptec Strobe App for Remote Control

The eyewear settings can be controlled and customized remotely with your smartphone via Bluetooth pairing, compatible with Android and iOS. This includes opening and closing the lens(es) on command using the app. Example drills are included in the app for various sports.

Case and Accessories Included

The Senaptec Strobe comes with a softshell carrying case to ensure you can safely take your eyewear wherever training calls you. Charging, temples, temple strap, cleaning cloth, and changeable nose pieces are also included.

Adjustable Lens Settings

Two buttons system and OLED display, shows battery status and lens modes. This allows for easy to adjust strobe rate and pattern settings. The settings can also be controlled remotely with the Senaptec Strobe App.

Liquid Crystal Lens Technology 

A patented technology that Allows each lens to strobe between clear and opaque either individually or in unison, removing visual information forcing the individual to process visual stimuli more efficiently.

Get Additional HECOstix

Take your Senaptec Strobe training to the next level by pairing your exercises with HECOstix. HECOstix were designed to help athletes improve their hand eye coordination, reaction speed, and overall cognitive development. There are limitless training applications using HECOstix when paired with Senaptec Strobes.

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HECOstix (Red/Green/Blue)
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Product Details

Liquid Crystal Lens Technology

A patented technology that allows each lens to strobe between clear and opaque, removing visual information forcing the individual to process visual stimuli more efficiently.

Adjustable Lens Settings

Two-button system and OLED display, show level, mode and battery status allows for easy-to-adjust modes and difficulty levels.

Flicker Speed Settings 

There are 8 strobe rate settings, the slower the lens(es) strobe, the more difficult the task. We recommend you start on level 1 and work your way up as drills/ exercises become easier to complete. 

Strobe rates 1 through 5 are for dynamic drills, such as catching and striking a ball.

Strobe rates 3 through 8 are for balance and proprioceptive drills.  

Free Senaptec Strobe App for Remote Control

The eyewear can be customized and controlled by our Senaptec Strobe App installed on your own smartphone via Bluetooth pairing compatible with Android and IOS. Example drills included in the Senaptec Strobe App for various sports.

‍Lens Mode Settings

Mode A:  Both lenses strobing. This is great for all around training and therapy.

Mode B: Left lens strobing – right lens opaque. For training your non-dominant right eye or peripheral awareness.

Mode C: Right lens strobing – left lens opaque. For training your non-dominant left eye or peripheral awareness.

Mode D: Lenses alternating clear and opaque between left and right eye. This takes away your binocular vision for exercises to help your eyes to work together.


Durable elastic strap to keep eyewear tight on head during movement.


Built-in rechargeable battery with standard USB charger.

Up to 5 hours battery time.

What’s included:

Strobe eyewear with adjustable elastic strap

Extra nose piece

Temple arm and straps 

Cleaning cloth

Standard USB charger

User manual and quick start guide

One year manufacturer’s defect warranty

Senaptec Strobe App for remote control