The Senaptec solution promotes healthy brains. About 80% of your brain is dedicated to processing sensory information. When your brain is injured or your senses misaligned, you suffer. Our tools help identify the areas that need help and give you the capability to implement transformative therapy. When you train your senses you promote a healthier brain. Practitioners use the Senaptec sensory solution today to address a multitude of conditions including: ACL injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, autism, ankle injuries, multiple sclerosis, and ADHD. For consultation on therapy, we recommend you find a Senaptec practitioner on our contact page.


Breadth matters! Your senses are a compilation of a multitude of fundamental skills. Measuring just one skill misses the complete picture. The Senaptec Sensory Station provides the world's most complete automated solution for the sensory skills that matter most in life. The system can currently assess 10 sensory parameters and our cloud-based analytics provide a customized plan for the training tools, which are also available on the Sensory Station. This is your complete sensory performance solution!

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Each lens in the Senaptec Quad Strobe is segmented into quadrants. Using the Senaptec Strobe app or the Strobe eyewear controls directly, the user can activate each region independently to customize the occluding patterns as desired. This level of customization allows users to isolate areas needing the most attention and increases the versatility of this incredible tool. The Quad Strobe is the ultimate resistance trainer for our visual and executive function systems.