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The Senaptec solution promotes healthy brains. About 80% of your brain is dedicated to processing sensory information. When your brain is injured or your senses misaligned, you suffer. Our tools help identify the areas that need help and give you the capability to implement transformative therapy. When you train your senses you promote a healthier brain. Practitioners use the Senaptec sensory solution today to address a multitude of conditions including: ACL injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, autism, ankle injuries, multiple sclerosis, and ADHD. For consultation on therapy, we recommend you find a Senaptec practitioner on our client page.



The brain is a fascinating and complex organ. When a person’s senses are compromised it is often difficult to identify the specific areas of weakness contributing to the symptoms. The Senaptec sensory station assessment helps you quickly identify the weak visual and neuromotor skills meriting attention. The results are based on a normative database of individuals who have undergone the same assessment, giving you reliable results. This example sensory performance evaluation describes the importance of the skills the Senaptec solution can evaluate.

Picking out details in a visually noisy environment is critical for recognizing objects and faces.
Judging depth helps navigation and anticipation for when collisions may occur.
Inhibiting motion in response to new information protects you from injury and mistakes
Moving your hands based on what you see is a fundamental skill that affects quality of life
Good vision starts with clear data from the eyes.
Sensing the movement of multiple objects is crucial for spatial awareness and movement
Reacting quickly to a visual input helps avoid injury to yourself and others
Retaining visual information helps you make decisions more quickly and accurately
Fast coordination between peripheral and central vision ensure you observe important information
Changing focus quickly is important for walking, driving, and interacting with groups of people.

Following an assessment, the Senaptec solution will automatically generate a recommended therapy plan. Sensory therapy has been known for decades to help address a variety of brain and body movement issues. The Senaptec solution makes sensory therapy accessible to people of all types in a variety of settings. The therapy modules are designed to exercise the brain function to improve the skill of interest.

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Eye-hand Coordination

Eye hand coordination therapy is designed to help many areas of neuromotor response. This includes upper extremity movement, coordination between the central and peripheral vision systems, and visual neglect.

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Perception Training

Perception Span therapy is designed to improve the intake of visual information. By giving the visual system a brief snapshot of data, the brain is encouraged to more rapidly assimilate and recall this information. This helps with search and find tasks and with scanning an environment to recognize information.

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Go-No Go

Go-No/Go therapy is designed to help the brain more rapidly make decisions in a time-sensitive environment. This type of exercise helps people respond better under dynamic situations, such as when driving or playing games.

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Near Far Shift

Near Far Shift therapy is designed to improve the ability to adjust the eye’s focal length, to help them accurately observe objects at different distances. This therapy can be used to address accommodation and convergence issues and as a ciliary muscle exercise.

Multiple Object Tracking

Multiple Object Tracking therapy is designed to improve the ability to simultaneously pay attention to multiple moving objects, which contributes to spatial awareness. As a person walks through a crowd or drives on a highway, tracking objects in the mind’s eye is critical for success. Our tools are designed to work on this skill and overall spatial awareness.

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Dynamic Vision

Dynamic Vision therapy is designed to improve the ability to recognize information in the peripheral vision and move the eyes quickly to observe this information. This transformative module can help people track moving objects, overcome vision neglect, coordinate eye motion, and improve attention to detail in the peripheral vision.

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Depth Perception

Depth Perception therapy is designed to help the brain coordinate the information from both eyes and make accurate judgment of depth. This can help with accommodation and convergence issues. In general, this sort of therapy helps individuals navigate, to make good anticipation judgments and avoid collisions.

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The Senaptec Strobe was designed to help enhance and build connections in the brain, specifically for the purpose of enhancing sensory skills. The flickering lenses take away varying amounts of visual information that a person typically uses to make decisions about when and where to react, forcing the individual to become more efficient with the information they are given. It is a powerful tool to help train visual processing, which effects so many aspects of the body, including balance, coordination, posture, timing, and spatial awareness.